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Nazarene News

Nazarene women across Chile join together in celebration

More than 150 women throughout Chile participated in the first national celebration of Women's Day, an activity that was organized by Pastor Ana Mardones, coordinator of the Ministry to Women (MAM) in Chile, together with her work team.

The March event was broadcast via Facebook and YouTube, allowing it to be later shared and viewed by more than 1,200 women.

In addition to highlighting the work of women, special recognition was given to all pastors and pastors' wives for their ministry and dedication in the work of God. They also listened to the Word of God through Pastor Lisbeth De Gouveia from Venezuela.

“I was blessed to share with my sisters in this national event for women,” De Gouveia said. “Although we may be spread out, we thank God that He gives us the tools to be able to unite despite the distance.”

This interactive celebration was hosted by Francisca Albarracín (from Arica) who, together with Alejandra Riffo (from Chiloé), connected with women from different parts of the country. Also, for the first time, women from different cities in Chile prepared a combined worship video.

“I am very happy to have been part of this beautiful service,” said Natalie Vega, who attended. “It is the first time I was a part of something so special. It was a reminder of how much the Lord loves us and how important we are to Him.”

by Church of the Nazarene South America 16 Apr 2021

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