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07/09/2023 Newsletter

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Pray for One Another

To request prayer, email

or call/text (520) 709-0815

Our pastors, our board and their families

Rick Harrison

Amanda Olinger

Pastor Bruce Lerum

Debbie Jones

Jane and Jim Nadeau

Sherry Prescott's son, Joe

Melinda Velasquez's son

Barbara Gionfriddo's Nephew Brandon

Mary Ann Watson's Granddaughter, Alyssa

Mary Ann Watson's good friend, Sharon

The many unspoken requests

Make sure you're a part of our Facebook group to get prayer requests as they come in:


Bible Reading Plan

Redemptive-Historical Bible Reading Plan

This year we are doing a 16 part plan that reveals God's plan of redemption in the Old Testament. Here is what the organizer says about it:

"I have outlined redemptive history in 16 stages, from creation up through the open-ended expectation of the Day of the Lord. Then I provide carefully curated sections from the OT that trace this history. I tried to pick at least one chapter from every OT book, but to keep it reasonably short I had to leave some out. I also pepper in psalms along the way. Then, for each stage, I provide a chapters from the NT that bring out how each of those steps of redemptive history (for ancient Israel) are fulfilled in the new era in Christ." Greg Laniers Blog

We will have three to four weeks to read and reflect on each part.

We will reflect on PART 9 for three more weeks.


Verse of the Week

Click the following to read the verses in context Ephesians 4


Coming Up...




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This week's lesson is:

Refuge 1 John 4:19

We love because he first loved us.

Nazarene News

17 decisions for Christ made thanks to Nicaragua Maximum Missions

Twenty-six Nazarenes of all ages carried out the first Maximum Missions in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua in late April.

Maximum Missions is a local evangelism project in in which Nazarene Missions International and Missions Mobilization ministries collaborate with a local church. The group shared Jesus with their community while focusing on three main areas: children's evangelism, youth evangelism through sports, and house-to-house evangelism.

Roughly 40 families were visited in their homes, 27 young people were ministered to through Proyecto Gol (Project Gol, a soccer based ministry), and more than 60 children and adolescents were ministered to. The children received a Good Samaritan box containing items such as clothing, sweets, small toys, among others.

A total of 17 people — 12 teenagers and 5 adults — accepted Christ as their savior.

Jacqueline Méndez said that it was a time of great blessing and impact since this was the first evangelistic experience for many of the participants.

"At the end, everyone was surprised and amazed to see how God used each person, from the smallest to the largest," Méndez said. “God used every willing heart and every detail of this event to reach people in the community.”

She also said participants shared that they felt useful and encouraged to continue participating in this type of evangelistic and missionary activities.

Mayte Yubank, one of the participants, said it was an emotional experience.

“People responded to the call we made to them,” Yubank said. “It was very emotional to evangelize and share the word of God with the community.”

Yubanks also said that the church is growing in San Juan, and that he is very happy to see that.

“I am very grateful to my God, since I am sure that we are living in His will,” Yubank said. "At the end of these two days of service, we left very encouraged and challenged to continue in this important work as missionaries of Christ in our country and in the world."

by NCN Staff | 06 Jul 2023


Opportunities to Give and Serve

We are looking for helpers in the following areas. Please text the church phone at 520-709-0815 and we will get you set up!

⎆Mosaic Cleaning Team

⎆Children's Church helpers


You can Volunteer for once a month, once a quarter, or every time MOPs meets! Contact Bonnie Strunk (480) 296-1831


Humor... Kind of

The new suit

This year for our pastor's birthday, the congregation decided to give him a new suit.

He was so touched by the gift that the following Sunday he stood before everyone and, with tears in his eyes, announced, "Today I will be preaching to you in my birthday suit."

The building fund

There is the story of a pastor who got up one Sunday and announced to his congregation: "I have good news and bad news.

The good news is, we have enough money to pay for our new building program.

The bad news is, it's still out there in your pockets."

The pallbearers

An elderly woman died last month who had never married, she requested that no male pallbearers be used. In her handwritten instructions for her memorial service, she wrote, "They wouldn't take me out while I was alive so I don't want them to take me out when I'm dead."



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