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09/20/2020 Newsletter

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A Word From Pastor John

I was thinking about the verse in the book of Romans this week that tells us this, "Don’t let evil conquer you, but conquer evil by doing good."

The best way to combat sin and temptation is by proactively loving God and loving others. In other words, continual abiding in Christ and habitual acts of love and kindness is how we ensure we are remaining on the path Jesus has called us on. 

We can conquer evil by having so much good in our lives that there is simply no room for evil to exist. Without godliness and goodness in our lives, we will always trend towards anger, lust, envy, jealousy, laziness, etc. 

Conquer evil by filling your life with goodness. Fill your life with God's word, fill your life with prayer, fill your life with forgiveness, filll your life with random acts of kindness to everyone you encounter. This is a very practical way of how we can remain faithful to His calling. 


Pray For One Another

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Our pastors and their families

The world as we all continue to navigate this Covid-19 pandemic.

Mary Ann's friend, John

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The many unspoken requests


Leonard recovered and is doing well and Janice is also doing better!

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