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Sunday July 3, 2022

Join us for our Mid-Week service, Refuel

Updated May 27th, 2022

A word from your Pastor



As many of you know I'll be gone on sabbatical over the month of June and part of July. 


I know that I will be spending significant time in prayer as I am away. I would ask that you would join me in prayer as well. God where are you leading our church? And God, how are you calling me to be a part of it? 


I think times of rest and reflection are important in our lives. If you've never had the chance just to get away for even a day, and seek the Lord in solitude, maybe now is the time to do just that?


I'm convinced that God has incredible plans for our church. And of course, the church is us, the people. So how might we allow God to lead us forward over the summer season? 


Thank you for joining me in prayer.


Many blessings,

Pastor John 

Updated Junly 3rd, 2022

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Our adult Sunday school class is on summer break. It will return Sept. 11.

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