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11/12/2023 Newsletter

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Pray for One Another

To request prayer, email

or call/text (520) 709-0815

Our pastors, our board and their families

June Miller

Bill TederBarb

Gionfriddo's nephew Brandon

Pastor Chuck

Carolyn Kurtz's son, Ryan

Brenda Hathaway's Newphew-in-law, Rob

Israei and loved ones who are there

Georgie and Kurt Cherry

Ramona Remech

The family and friends of Dennis

The many unspoken requests

Make sure you're a part of our Facebook group to get prayer requests as they come in:


Bible Reading Plan

Redemptive-Historical Bible Reading Plan

This year we are doing a 16 part plan that reveals God's plan of redemption in the Old Testament. Here is what the organizer says about it:

"I have outlined redemptive history in 16 stages, from creation up through the open-ended expectation of the Day of the Lord. Then I provide carefully curated sections from the OT that trace this history. I tried to pick at least one chapter from every OT book, but to keep it reasonably short I had to leave some out. I also pepper in psalms along the way. Then, for each stage, I provide a chapters from the NT that bring out how each of those steps of redemptive history (for ancient Israel) are fulfilled in the new era in Christ." Greg Laniers Blog

We will have three to five weeks to read and reflect on each part.

We will reflect on PART 15 for 3 more weeks.


Verse of the Week

Click the following to read the verse in context Psalm 9


Coming Up and Happening Now...








This week's lesson is

Jesus was baptized Matthew 3:16-17

16"As soon as Jesus was baptized, he went up out of the water. At that moment heaven was opened, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and alighting on him. 17And a voice from heaven said, 'This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.'”



Nazarene News

NCM training helps attendees see how to be Jesus in their communitie

Eighty leaders from Nazarene Compassionate Ministries in Panama, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic met in September in the Dominican Republic to receive a training titled “Jesus in my Community.”

The training was carried out with the support of the district NCM, Nazarene Discipleship International (NDI), Nazarene Missions International (NMI), and Nazarene Youth International (NYI) ministries. The objective was to train leaders so that they could train local churches to develop a ministry capable of transforming the lives of people in their communities.

Dhariana Balbuena, Esteban Rivera, and Yaima Diaz shared sessions on topics such as migration, response to disasters, and human trafficking, among others.

Wellington Muñoz, one of the participants from the Dominican Republic, works in patient care at a hospital where more than 800 people come every day.

"I have never seen compassion the way I saw it during these three days," Muñoz said.

Muñoz felt like he applied what he learned as he returned home. He recalled treating a foreign woman with a baby girl who was approximately one month old during the morning. After his lunch, he met that woman again. She asked him if he knew of any place where someone might give her some food.

He told her to ask at a nearby cafeteria. As she went to the cafeteria, he watched to see what was happening.

"At that moment, I asked myself, am I feeling pity or compassion for this woman,” Muñoz said. “What would Jesus do?"

Then, he saw that she was rejected at the cafeteria, so he shouted, "Give her lunch and put it on my account."

At that time, Muñoz says, he had no money, but he did have the ability to get food, and that’s what he did.

“Somehow, I remembered what I had heard in the Jesus in my Community training, and I thought and said, ‘Jesus, in my work!’"

Participants received the book Compassion From the Beginning by Dhariana Balbuena.

“We appreciate all your support and for this tool that enriches everyone's knowledge," said Paquita Bido, NCM coordinator of the Central Field. She also thanked the entire team for making the training possible.

Alicia Richards, NCM coordinator for Western Panama, said the conference was a blessed time together as they discussed what is plaguing their most vulnerable communities. Paola Morales, an attendee from Panama, recalled the testimonies of what God is doing in the denomination and how they inspired her.

"My hope is for all the tools and strategies that were given to us [will help us] be a compassionate church, seeing people with the same eyes that Jesus sees them."


Opportunities to Give and Serve

Fill out a "Serve" sheet at church to let us know your talents!

Or, scroll down and fill out THIS FORM online.

We are looking for helpers in the following areas. Please text the church phone at 520-709-0815 and we will get you set up!

☞ Mosaic Cleaning Team

☞ Children's Church helpers

☞ Calling and Caring Team call Chuck: (520) 604-1971


MOPS is back in session!

You can Volunteer for once a month, once a quarter, or every time MOPs meets! Contact Bonnie Strunk (480) 296-1831


Humor... Kind of



Check our UPDATES page for new things.

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