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12/06/2020 Newsletter

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Pray For One Another

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Our pastors and their families

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The world as we all continue to navigate this Covid-19 pandemic.

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The many unspoken requests

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From the desk of our Distric Superintendent

Dear District Family and Friends:

None of us have been this way before, including our pastors. I am burdened for them due to the Covid-19 pandemic and its longer than expected duration. Many are tired, frustrated and discouraged. Additionally, there were no seminary classes or conferences or workshops for pastors to take on how to lead during a pandemic.

So just like you, your pastor has never been in this place before. But there are some things you and I can do to encourage them: be patient, be present, be personally encouraging and be praying.

Let me paraphrase a statement I heard by Mike Wakefield:

Remember, your pastor is not Super Christian. He or she is just a guy or gal, a fellow servant in Christ, with a high calling to lead the church. They are not going to be perfect, and they are prone to grow weary, just like you. That's why they always need your love, support, encouragement, and prayers. But especially during this season.

So let's do everything we can to encourage and assist our pastors as they faithfully and sacrificially fulfill their call to serve during this challenging season. I am confident we will get through this together!

Vision and Strategic Plan

It became clear to me about four or five months into the Covid-19 pandemic that the District (and churches) should not stand still and wait things out during this uncertain and disruptive time. With God's help and leadership we needed to move ahead safely and take our "next steps".

One of the first steps was to hire two part-time ministers to assist with District vision/mission facilitation: Dr. Brian Delbridge is now serving as Assistant to the DS and Rev. Matt Dennis is serving as NexGen Leadership Development and Technology Coordinator.

Plus, we continued to move ahead with our church planting and restarting strategic initiatives. During this season we launched Restoration Church in the Phoenix West Valley (Rev. Cody Abrahamson, Lead Pastor) and re-started two churches: Casa Grande New Beginnings (Darrell Weatherford, Lead Pastor) and Chandler New Hope Community (Rev. Will Hathaway, Lead Pastor). And we were not done...